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Regular Sunday Services
9:00 Traditional Service
10:05 Sunday School, All Ages
11:00 The Bridge--A Contemporary Service

Summer Schedule
9:00 Traditional Service
No Sunday School
11:00 The Bridge--A Contemporary Service

Worship Services on Public Access Cable Channel 191


Note: Times are subject to change.

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Worship Services at FUMC and Services Provided by FUMC

In order to provide worship which is meaningful to a diverse community, FUMC has designed two distinct worship services which are described below.  One or both of these services may be seen on cable channel 99 on

7:00 pm
6:00 am and 2:45 pm
6:30 pm
6:30 pm
6:00 pm

Great Heritage Traditional Service

At present the 9:00 service is known as the Great Heritage service.  It is fairly traditional with organ music and a robed choir which sings a variety of choral arrangements.  The congregation uses the United Methodist Book of Hymns.  The minister wears full vestments.  Children's time is included.

The Bridge--A Contemporary Service

After the Sunday School hour, the 11:00 service, known as the The Bridge service, starts with a praise band which leads in the singing of contemporary Christian music.  The congregation sings from a screen rather than from the hymnal and the minister is dressed more causally.  The sermon is identical in both services.  Children's time is included.

Sunday School for All Ages

FUMC provides Sunday School for all ages.  Nursery care is provided for children too young for Sunday School while the parents are in Sunday School or in church.  Infants and toddlers are in a location separate from those children who are a little older but still too young for Sunday School.

Children who are 5 and up can participate in an exciting program called God's Way Kids.  For details please see the God's Way Kids Page.

There are two adult Sunday School classes.  Since the Bible is our foundation, there is always a class dedicated to the study of the scriptures.  There is a Social Issues class which uses FaithLink as a springboard for discussion.  In addition there may be classes dedicated to special topics on a short term basis.  Visitors to any of the classes are always welcome.


As part of our worship on a monthly basis we celebrate the Lord's Supper.  United Methodists celebrate open communion.  All who have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ are welcome to participate.  We hope that you experience the greatness of God's love for you as you remember Christ's sacrifice on your behalf.


Christ calls us to be baptized for the remission of sins.   By this act we proclaim our allegiance to Christ who has saved us and who has adopted us into the family of God.  The United Methodist Church practices both infant and adult baptism by either sprinkling or by immersion.  When a child is baptized the parents pledge themselves to raise the child in conformity to the Word of God and in the fellowship of the church.  The congregation also has a responsibility to nurture the child.   We urge any who wish to be baptized to contact the pastor.


Those who were baptized as children, may at a later time, when they have studied and understood the doctrines of the United Methodist Church and the meaning of the Christian life, may be confirmed in the church.  There are yearly classes of instruction for youth desiring confirmation.  They are encouraged to explore the meaning of faith and make it their own.

Other Services Provided to Members and the Community

In addition to weekly Sunday worship and Sunday School for all ages, FUMC provides Vacation Bible School for not only the children of church members but any children of the community who wish to attend.

Another service extended to the community is the availability of a Stephen Minister for those experiencing a life crisis or stressful situation.  Please see the Stephen Ministry Page for details.

The church offers the sanctuary and fellowship hall for weddings and funerals for a fee.  Please contact the church office for details.

Marriage counseling is available and strongly recommended for those choosing to have the pastor perform their wedding.  Please contact the pastor for details.

Love INC (Love in the Name of Christ)

FUMC is excited about being part of a new community wide initiative for those in need.  Love INC is a national organization which develops affiliates around the country to help organize churches in a community to meet the needs of people. 

It establishes a clearinghouse function to receive and screen individuals in need in a community.  Any church receiving requests for assistance can refer the individual or family to Love INC to determine the validity of and then triage the need.

Love INC will establish a church network to meet needs.  Churches within the network will each have a need specialty.  It also ensures that the providing of services is coordinated and not duplicated.

Love INC then establishes a Christian Life Skills program to encourage clients to learn how to remedy their situation.  The network churches provide teachers and resources.